The Potential Impact of Brexit on Patient Safety

The uncertainties surrounding Brexit and the impact it will have on the new EU FMD regulation and wider pharmaceutical industry are growing as the UK’s deadline for leaving the EU draws closer. The UK will have to legally comply with the EU FMD until the 29th March, however insight into what will happen after this date remains limited.

If pharmaceutical firms are underprepared for the FMD and do not have contingency plans in place to manage a no-deal Brexit, this could have an impact on patient safety and patient access to medicines.

Many pharmaceutical firms were underprepared for the FMD enforcement date and did not reach compliance in time, meaning they will be unable to legitimately circulate products to the EU market until they implement sufficient measures.

Staffan Widengren, director of corporate projects, at Recipharm spoke to Huffington Post UK about how Brexit will affect the pharmaceutical industry and new EU FMD regulations. He also discusses the increased risk this for patients and suggests what the British government should focus on going forward.

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