Recipharm Founders Lars Backsell and Thomas Eldered win Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Sweden’s Stockholm region

Accolade recognises the emergence of Recipharm as one of the world’s leading CDMOs with a 2.2 Billion SEK annual turnover.

Thomas Eldered and Lars Barksell have won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneurs of the Year Award for the Stockholm region of Sweden in recognition of their long standing commercial achievements within the pharmaceuticals industry.The prize was selected by an independent jury. The pair are now set to represent the region in Sweden’s finals to be staged in Stockholm City Hall’s Blue Hall on 7th February 2013.  

Recipharm originate from a pharmaceutical factory threatened with closure that Eldered and Backsell had the foresight to buy from Pharmacia back in 1995. Since then, Recipharm has grown exponentially into one of Europe’s leading contract development and manufacturing organisations, servicing the modern pharmaceuticals industry. The company has an international presence with facilities in ten European locations across Sweden, the UK, France, Spain and Germany. Recipharm achieved sales in 2011 of 2.2 billion SEK and currently employs 1700 employees.

The winners in the category Entrepreneur of The Year were judged on deep industry knowledge, entrepreneurial attitude and the successful exploitation of market opportunities perceived as outdated and of limited interest at the time. Of paramount importance, was the extent to which the taking of significant but calculated personal risks, in the initial stages of a venture, created the first building block which, through continued business-building initiatives, led to the formation of a multi-billion commercial entity with real prospects for further growth.

Chairman Lars Barksell commented: “Our vision is to be recognized as a best in class provider of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services and,to achieve this goal, we made the decision years ago to invest in our ideas which were carefully developed from our seasoned experience. Indeed, since the mid 1990’s we have been working in a sector of the pharmaceuticals industry that has come to experience highly impressive growth trends even if in the past it has not been the most spectacular performer.The pharmaceutical industry used to be very secretive and took the view that it was capable of handling everything itself. But a strong realization has clearly set in that outsourcing manufacturing and development activities to reliable partners is the way forward to help ensure that they function as effectively as possible”.

Thomas Eldered added:”Myself and Lars are proud to have played a key role in developing the CDMO sector during its most earliest days of construction and to see it emerge as a strong sub sector of the pharmaceuticals industry, now firmly established and accepted.

He continued: “A crucial ingredient for success in this field lies in building up trust amongst pharmaceuticals companies that, as a CDMO, you are a reliable partner that can consistently meet capacity and time to delivery expectations with the provision of a high quality service.”        

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About Recipharm
Recipharm AB is a leading contract development and manufacturing organisation  (CDMO) based in Sweden employing some 1,700 employees. The Company operates development and manufacturing facilities in Sweden, France, the UK, Germany and Spain and is headquartered near Stockholm. Recipharm supplies the global pharmaceuticals market with hundreds of different products in multipledosage forms that include solid dose, granulates and powders, sterile liquids and lyophilisates, semi solids, beta-lactams, hormones, oral liquids, sprays and dry powder inhalers.

Recipharm’s Pharmaceutical Development Services group offer services from straight forward manufacture of clinical trial material through to more complex product development and formulation. From our pharmaceutical development centre we can work on a variety of technologies, including sterile products. Formulation development, analytical method development and stability studies are all core activities. For more information visit:

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