Recipharm International Environmental Award

Since Recipharm was founded in 1995, our environmental agenda has been a central part of the way we do business.

It is our belief that transparency, cooperation and encouragement are necessary if we are to achieve sustainable development. In order to promote this belief we are introducing an international environmental award for the best environmental practice or innovation within the pharmacy and health care industries or academia.

Purpose of the Award

To encourage and inspire best practice and innovation
To promote good examples and best practice
To encourage environmental dialog within the pharmaceutical industry

Criteria of the Award


Someone that either has: 
successfully proven to have had a major impact on his/her own, or to other organisations general attitude and commitment to environmental matters and thereby to a high degree changed the organisations direction into a strong comittment for environmental management or,

through his/her academic research and work, and by well respected published articles, litterature or public appearance, given highly recognised and new important insight and knowledge in the environmental field in the striving towards sustainable development.  


An organisation within the healthcare industry with a highly recognised work that through its mission, practical day to day activities and general way of operating have created a new and higher standard within environmental management field and thereby inspired others to follow.

The Award

The award will be a monitory award of 30,000SEK, a glass award and a diploma.

The award will be presented annually at the National Pharmaceutical Congress in Stockholm.