Recipharm looking at tricky markets with potential

Thomas Eldered and Recipharm are profiled in the Swedish pharmaceutical press again. Thomas is interviewed about future plans and challenges in Pharma Online’s special feature issue on the largest companies within the pharmaceuticals sector in Sweden.

We have had one and a half years of consolidation which has enabled us to catch our breath a bit. We are now prepared to move forward.

The fact is that growth in the pharmaceutical industry is taking place in growth markets, and we have been considering how we can be part of that growth. The countries that are of interest are Russia, Turkey, Brazil and perhaps China. There aren’t that many local manufacturers and competitive advantages are available for companies that enter the market.

Recipharm is continuing to aim for the very top among CDMOs. However, we will not get there without having operations in the USA. We are very interested and will be doing more there. Perhaps purchase something, perhaps enter into collaborations.”

The full article is available only in Swedish.